Startup businesses take on a slightly different path, than businesses in the Silicon Valley, where founder, Joe Maristela, got his start as an independent investor and portfolio manager for his family office.

In 2009, Maristela launched a healthcare BPO that’s now headquartered in Makati City. In 2015, this BPO had matured enough for him to step away from day-to-day operations, and so, Maristela decided to launch an independent one million dollar investment program—his own money, his own investment theses.

His first position was Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), a universal Bitcoin business that had as its flagship a Bitcoin and Blockchain-based remittance business. In total, Maristela invested $350,000 (USD) into the so called fintech space, which also included a seed investment in Qwikwire (QW).

“In late 2015, like many of the startups that I’d invested in, I’d gone through growing pains in the short time that I’d been operating. I had to let some of my team members go, and had to pivot in terms of marketing and focus in key areas, in order to achieve the mission, which is to create an office that is in and of itself a catalyst for other catalysts of progress in the Philippines.”