Joe Maristela is a young Filipino American visionary entrepreneur and founder of His family owns and operates a number of BPO companies, including Star Business Centers offering back­end services in the healthcare industry in the United States and the Philippines. As a passionate entrepreneur and angel investor in the startup community, Joe is also behind Qwikwire and Satoshi Citadel Industries as an investor. 

Maristela aims to become a trailblazer in the Philippines by culvitating communities of startups and investors, creating a platform called which he envisioned to be a global community where startups and investors become the very catalysts of progress for the Philippines and forwardly, the world.

He is passionate to provide assistance to startups from all over the Philippines, aims to be a resource hub of applications and tools that startups can utilize to manage the rigourous process of building a business from scratch. He envisions to become not just a goto platform but a community that incubates ideas to prototypes, from prototypes to product, and from products to a resounding business success that will be come catalysts for other startups in the making.