Joe Maristela, a healthcare entrepreneur, has invested $100,000 in Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) and has challenged other traditional business owners to follow him by investing in Philippine technologies. SCI is an umbrella firm for seven Philippine bitcoin companies, including, a remittance service,, a bitcoin payment processor, and the recently-acquired, a bitcoin exchange.

SCI’s mission is to increase bitcoin adoption in the Philippines through the creation of solutions that realize the full potential of bitcoin technology.

Believing in a mission

Maristela said he invested in SCI since he believes in its mission. He also thinks it has the team in place to ensure the company’s success. Officers include John Bailon, CEO, Jardine Gerodias, COO, and Miguel Cuneta, CCO. Cuneta was one of the co-founders, bringing SCI’s first vertical,, the first bitcoin payment processor in the country with nearly 100 merchants.

Maristela’s investment signifies the growing interest bitcoin is attracting from business leaders from other industries.


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