KATALYST.PH was established in 2015 in Manila, in order to address opportunities seen by our member-family offices. A core belief is that in the Philippines— and within the region at large (Southeast Asia)— the private sector absolutely must take the initiative to drive progress forward. In emerging markets, the financial ecosystem fundamentally differs from that of Silicon Valley— where startups typically launch from a garage, funded through a "friends and family" round (or even a "Visa or MasterCard" round). This sort of funding just isn't available in emerging markets, which appears to terminate startups at the point of inception. This is where Katalyst.ph comes into play, with funding, mentors, and social networks. Our family offices are set primarily on seeding great moonshot ideas at the earliest of stages. 

Katalyst.ph - Incubator & Accelerator
916 Arnaiz Ave Suite 301
Makati City NCR 1228
PHIL: +63 (2) 551-0924

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