work overview

  • Coordinate with the management and other departments to acquire requirements, suggestions and improvements to develop video collateral

  • Collect and maintain a company database for videos, photos, and audio/music as required for a video project

  • Ensure that all materials used are properly credited and will not violate any intellectual property law

  • Incorporate company branding policy on every project output

  • Produce high-quality videos following the company’s desired requirements. These videos must look good on most resolutions for various devices (PC, smartphone, TV, etc.)

  • Lead and manage the overall processes required for video production, from capturing videos and shooting photos, sourcing equipment, editing, and post-production processes

  • Incorporate improvements as may be suggested by the company

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must possess a portfolio of video production samples. Having a college degree in Art/Creative/Design Multimedia or Advertising/Media is a plus

  • Experience in video production, editing, and design

  • Must have a keen eye to detail along with the creative video editing processes from ideation to final product

  • Must be creative in adding necessary visual effects and styling in line with a video’s theme, message, and branding

  • Must be aware of the best video production and publication practices

  • Must be able to multitask

  • With strong communication and collaborative skills

  • Must be receptive to new ideas, revisions, and can accommodate changes on output expectations -Videographer