work overview

  • Make and mend clothing, able to do alterations, fix tears, sew hems, apply buttons, mend zippers, etc. as well as service all tailoring and sewing needs

  • Fit and alter uniforms for company staff

  • Keep records on clothing property of the company

  • Inspect and repair any linen, uniform, drapery, etc. when needed

  • Able to reproduce garments from a picture reference (e.g. dresses, shirts, pants, blouses, skirts, etc.)

    • Efficiently translate design to actual product

    • Make use of cheaper fabric to test the design before cutting an expensive fabric

    • Keep adequate inventories of sewing/tailoring supplies

  • Wear appropriate uniforms for this position

  • Perform additional duties as requested

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Ability to sew. Certificate on formal sewing/tailoring training course is an advantage.

  • Experience working with a tailor shop

  • Experience in using a variety of tailoring tools and products

  • Physically capable of using standard tailoring tools

  • Has a keen eye on proper tailoring

  • Self-directed and motivated -Seamstress

Seamstress | Tailor