The Protective Agent’s role is very crucial in ensuring security and safety of persons involved in the family offices.

work overview

  • Responsible for securing the company’s physical and digital security

  • Coordinate and execute protective duties and security efforts across the company in terms of loss prevention, fraud prevention, and physical safety of employees and visitors

  • Regularly review, compile and archive CCTV footage

  • Notify appropriate parties in case of security red flags

  • Conduct investigations in case of security issues

  • Maintain and safeguard the confidentiality of highly sensitive information

  • Perform other security-related tasks as requested by Management

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be 5'9 or taller

  • No derogatory records

  • High level of integrity and trust

  • License-holder of any accredited security-related licenses whether as a security guard or a protective agent

  • Experience in security, military, police, or protective operations, preferably those with PNP/police background and experience with recent police agency networks

  • Should be tech-savvy and able to use a smartphone, Waze, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Asana (a task-management program), and other essential apps for this job

  • Must be available to coordinate with through smartphone communications apps such as FB Messenger, Zello, etc. for most of the time

  • References on work experience as a protective agent

  • Experience in security, military, police, or protective operations

  • Knowledge of the law

  • Physically fit and has overall good mental and emotional condition

  • With a valid driver's license

  • Willing to work long hours, over weekends or during holidays

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Good communication skills -Protective Agent

Protective Agent