Katalyst's parent office is urgently looking for a results-driven Project Manager to handle legal coordination across several verticals.

This unique opportunity is tailor-made for a legal and contracts project manager who enjoys autonomy and thrives on making an impact. You will be the offices’ first contracts manager and will be working closely with the offices’ legal representation in doing due diligence, overseeing client portfolios and managing client relationships. You will monitor the progress of negotiations and legal dealings -- ensuring that projects, contracts and legal matters are resolved and concluded, that results are delivered efficiently in accordance with client needs, on budget, and within agreed-upon time frames.


  • Work directly with internal partners and external parties to draft, review, and/or consult on a range of legal contracts and agreements.

  • Track progress of contract negotiations and legal proceedings relevant to the offices -- promptly alerting relevant stakeholders to variances. Develop and recommend contingency plans when necessary.

  • Assist the offices’ legal representation in preparing documentary requirements, doing due diligence research and submitting administrative requisites.

  • Represent the offices’ administration, together with the company’s legal representation, in business negotiations and meetings of legal nature

  • Understand and manage the contract negotiations and legal proceedings for assigned clients and projects, ensuring deadlines are strictly adhered to.

  • Arrange meetings and communications to ensure the offices and administration are adequately briefed about the matter and project expectations, and arrange for appropriate communication channels and resources.

Minimum Qualifications

What it takes to catch our eye:

  • Proactive nature and "can-do" attitude

  • Proven track record in project management, agreement negotiation, management and administration.

  • Established know-how in managing multi-jurisdictional projects and legal industry expertise

  • Excellent and highly effective and persuasive written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to balance multiple, often competing priorities

  • Strong planning and organizational skills

How to really knock our socks off:

  • Experience as a problem solver and thought leader among colleagues

  • Ability to work effectively with external stakeholders (e.g. counter parties to an agreement or outside counsel), with limited support

  • Ability to independently identify issues, identify and triage the impact and urgency of agreement issues, and understand deeply the business and business objectives

  • Willing to challenge and question the status-quo to get to the root cause of an issue

  • Ability to propose alternative solutions by justifying recommendations and rationally handling objections and counter-proposals

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