The Admin Assistant plays a crucial role in coordinating tasks and projects between clients/vendors and executives/managers.

work overview

  • Report to a project manager or an executive such as a vice president

  • Upon entry, the typical trajectory for an admin assistant is to rotate through several subsidiaries whose business verticals and industries will vary widely; may include anything from land development and real estate to research and development outsourcing in the medical sciences field

  • Learn new software and systems, depending on the subsidiary and project that you are assigned to

  • Exercise superior organizational and communication skills

  • Your supervising project manager and/or executive will test you regularly for dependability

For greater detail about what a prospective project may entail, apply now, and schedule a time to meet with an interviewer

Minimum Qualifications

  • College graduate

  • Experience and be well versed in the following platforms: G Suite, Google Spreadsheet formulas, Asana, Slack (installing/removing/admin'ng apps and settings), Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Pro, Chrome OS, G Suite Admin / cPanel, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Android, iOS

  • Tech-savvy in general

  • Good technical aptitudes

  • Excellent soft skills and the ability to resolve issues with team members of seemingly incompatible personalities

  • Propensity to self-manage and lead (and the likelihood thereof) - Admin Assistant

Administrative Assistant